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Spare A Pair……..

“Save the Tatas” “I Love Boobies” “Feel Her Up” “No Bra Day” – all slogans for fundraisers or awareness campaigns for breast cancer. Designed to be cute and make us giggle like 12 year olds, they seem harmless enough on … Continue reading

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We’ve Got The Power……

I’ve been doing a lot of research on cause marketing including reading a lot of material geared towards businesses telling them how to go about it successfully. I’ve learned a lot of interesting information. I think as consumers we often … Continue reading

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Please don’t look away……

Today, October 13th, is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, the only day of Breast Cancer Awareness month devoted to metastatic disease. I can’t imagine anyone today who is not aware of breast cancer as pink awareness campaigns are everywhere, yet … Continue reading

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I Will Survive…….

Probably the most frequent word people use to refer to my breast cancer diagnosis is “survivor” and I use it frequently too because so far I haven’t come up with something better. When I started this journey I had a … Continue reading

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Get Things Moving for Pinktober?

For my first Pinktober product review I want to feature a campaign that struck me as so wrong on so many levels that I couldn’t figure out whether to laugh or cry. I first saw it on Facebook posted by … Continue reading

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Pink Ribbon Products – Where Does the Money Go?

Cause Marketing is Not Philanthropy is a great article from Pyschology Today explaining how cause marketing actually works. It applies to all cause marketing, not just the pink version. Companies do not enter into cause marketing relationships unless they believe they … Continue reading

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This Is My Fight Song…..

For my second post on the language of breast cancer I want to focus on some of the terminology we use when talking about those who have received a cancer diagnosis. Before I get started, please know that I am … Continue reading

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Who is N.E.D. and why does he have so many dance partners?

One thing that has struck me as I have gone through my journey with breast cancer is the language we use. I’m guessing part of it is because I am a linguist at heart. Our language colors our perception and … Continue reading

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I didn’t know…..

What I didn’t realize until I was diagnosed with breast cancer: 1. In the 1940’s women had a 1 in 20 chance of developing breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. In 1970 it had increased to 1 in 10. Today … Continue reading

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