I’m a Poet – Who Knew?

I took a break from blogging to take a writing class over at LBBC.ORG. I thought I would be writing essays, but it turns out my instructor is a poet. I haven’t written poetry since high school, but found out I really enjoy it. After the class LBBC asked if they could post some of my poems on their blog. So far they have published three of the five I submitted (links below). I highly recommend the class Writing The Journey. I was waitlisted the first time I applied – well worth the wait! I’ll be blogging again starting next week as we head into Pinktober. I’ll also be in Washington DC on October 13th for the #stageIVstampede.  This event is sponsored by METUP, Metavivor and Living Beyond Breast Cancer and includes a Die-In and meetings with congressional leaders to advocate for more money for research and access to care and treatments for metastatic breast cancer.  Please consider joining us!


Her Name Is Gladys

Normal Has No Place

How To Interact With A Bald Person

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