Twitter Makes My Head Hurt…..

For the month of November I’m taking a couple of online classes about blogging. Topics will probably be all over the place depending on the days assignment. Today I am creating a post with a list of things I’ve learned.

What I have learned @tripgriffith:

  1. Twitter makes my head hurt. Remember the kids in elementary who raised their hand and danced around trying to get the teacher’s attention? They are all on twitter.
  2. Twitter lists are like noise canceling headphones. You know everyone is still jumping up and down saying “Pick me!” but you don’t have to listen to them all at once.
  3. Twitter Analytics is not very good at math but it makes me laugh. As you can see from this screen shot I started with a negative number of followers before I even opened my account and according to Twittermath 31 is more than 33. Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.33.47 PM
  4. Twitter marijuana groups did not initially find me because I was posting about cancer. They keyed in on my name.  And yes, it took my chemo addled brain way too long to figure that out.
  5. Twitter is a great place to follow a political debate. Just turn on the TV. Turn off the sound. Follow the tweets. Hilarious!
  6. Twitter is sometimes a bit psychic. How did it know to suggest a plantar fasciitis product the day my heel was hurting?
  7. Twitter is sometimes really out of the loop. It suggested I follow Miley Cyrus, a hotel across the country and a random university. Maybe Miley is hosting a concert on campus just for middle aged Moms complete with free lodging?
  8. Twitter users sometimes follow you for no reason. You don’t need to follow them back to be polite. If you do you might end up with  tweets in your feed in languages you do not speak and can’t even identify.
  9. Twitter has its own version of Vaguebooking where you post part of a sentence or thought. It goes something like… #twittertease
  10. Twitter is the fast food oasis on the information superhighway. A lot of intellectual junk food but if you look around you can find some great stuff. It’s kind of growing on me @tripgriffith.
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2 Responses to Twitter Makes My Head Hurt…..

  1. I’m really struggling with twitter. I can’t get used to the 140 character limit and the various hashtags. Similarly, I don’t seem to be attracting followers on there as easily as I do on Instagram. I seem to be most at ease with my Facebook page and my blog, though I seem to be virtually the only one reading that at the moment! Social media is a nightmare!!!


  2. Trip says:

    Have you made lists on twitter? It really helped for me.I had trouble finding it – you click on your pic in the upper right for a drop down menu that includes lists and analytics. That way I can just see tweets from one group at a time. I have an instagram account but haven’t done anything with it yet.


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