Another assignment for my blogging class – write something with a one word inspiration. Late night free stream of consciousness produced this. Added pics this morning so I could play around with formatting.


Hope is

a firefly in the darkness

the blazing sun in all her glory

a twinkling light you can barely see somewhere off in the distance

a single flower that survives a terrible storm

a whisper, a word, a shout

a grain of sand





surrounds you and fills your world

wraps you up warm and snug like a favorite blanket

slips through your fingers and falls at your feet, shattered and broken

twinkles in the dust at your feet

hides in the shadow of fear but never leaves you




a seed full of life in a desolate landscape waiting for the rain

a garden, sprinkled with laughter, watered by tears, warmed with love

a rainbow on the horizon spurring you down the road

a breath of fresh air carried on the wind ruffling your hair

a vision for a better tomorrow







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3 Responses to Hope

  1. amanpan says:

    Beautifully written I love the way you combined your pics with your expressive words.


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